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Wanted: poets, beatboxers, writers, dancers, composers, actors, artists, musicians, comedians…


(no theater experience necessary)

This two-week collaboration needs students willing to dig deep. It needs students who speak different languages, who come from different places, who represent different cultures. It needs students who can come together and wrestle with their differences and create something that belongs to all of us.

It needs you.

Crash House! is a student ensemble that will come together to create art that expresses who we are, what we see, and what we want out of life. We’ll gather around Shakespeare’s As You Like It, read it together, and then totally demolish it. Then we’ll start from ground zero and build new art.

We’ll use our own voices, our own rhythms, our own stories, and inject them into Shakespeare’s to create something that helps us say what we need to say to one another.

At the end of our time together, your creation will be woven into a play that will be taken back to your schools and shown to your friends, your families, your communities. People need to hear what we have to say. So let’s get our stories out there.


June 2015


The EMU Studio Theater.


Rising 9th-12th graders

How much?

$100, but don’t let that stop you from coming.
Contact us about partial or full scholarships.

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